5 Words and Then

The Emotional Side
of Retirement

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Do you feel that you are not as successful in life as you would like to be? Perhaps you've just graduated from high school or college, or you've been discharged from the armed forces, and you want a roadmap to help you through this big game we call life. All you need to propel you to success are five simple words:

Hard work • Attitude • Enthusiasm • Perseverance • Fun

With 5 Words and Then Some! How to Succeed in This Big Game We Call Life, you'll significantly increase your chances of accomplishing whatever endeavors you pursue. These five words apply to anyone regardless of family background, wealth, race, intelligence, education, or social status.

Five Words offers advice, helpful hints, and quotations on a variety of topics that include public speaking, volunteering, finances, physical fitness, diversity, personal mission statements, and much more. Using personal experiences, anecdotes, and stories, 5 Words and Then Some! will inspire you to improve your life and bring you the success and happiness you deserve!

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Praise for the 5 Words book

“Big things come in small packages” was never truer than it is with “Five Words and Then Some”. This tiny tome packs a whollop of wisdom for readers of any age. It is an unexpected powerhouse of truth and wisdom. It’s on my desk every day, and it should be on yours.”

Deb Chiaravalloti, VP, Public Relations and Marketing, Anna Jacques Hospital, Newburyport, MA

"Everything that will ever be possible is already possible. Indeed our lives are meant to be overflowing with joy, passion, meaning and prosperity. The lesson from Fran's book is that making this a reality isn't that difficult. Follow his simple yet on-target advice and you'll be on your way."

-Ian Percy, author of Going Deep and The Profitable Power of Purpose.

"I love this book! Fran Larkin brilliantly captures the essence of what is needed to succeed in today's world. His down home wisdom, humor and choice of quotations captures what's best in American culture today."

-Jon Barb, author of Do What Works and Keynote Speaker, Danbury, CT

"5 Words and Then Some acted as my guide while I successfully navigated the uncharted waters of college, graduate school and the workplace. Years later I still find myself pouring over the wonderful insights and humorous prose found within these pages."

-Adam Niles, schoolteacher, Billerica, MA

"While I was reading I felt very reassured. Those 5 words had a tremendous impact on me. I felt I had just read the key to life."

-Veronica Crowder, Portland, OR

"Fran's book, 5 Words is a timely work that is germane for today's working person. A career working man, Fran culls from his life experience and the book is jam-packed with advice and inspiring quotations from some of the greatest people in American History. I would recommend this book to anyone of any age that is looking to live life to its fullest while acquiring the essential tools needed to succeed in all aspects of life."

-Steve Scipioni, Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Transformation Expert

“Your book is great. I think every teenager should read this book.”

-Angie Argyriadis, Kream 'N Kone restaurant, West Dennis, MA. Cape Cod