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The Greeks said this thousands of years ago, and Senator Robert Kennedy was fond of quoting this when he ran for president in 1968. Now that I am retired and the kids are out on their own, I am dedicating a significant portion of the next third of my life "To make gentle the life of this world" in several ways:

5 Words and Then Some

Over 3 million young adults graduate from high school, college, the military, and trade schools each year, and 5 Words gives them advice, hope and inspiration on succeeding in this big game we call life.

The Emotional Side of Retirement – non financial aspects
77 million baby boomers are starting to retire and according to the USA Today, 90% of them have not thought about what they are going to do for the rest of their life. The Wall Street Journal published a profile on my retirement activities on November 15. Check it out.

Alzheimer's Lessons Learned

I am an Alzheimer's Champion and Advocate. I try to promote awareness of this horrible disease and share what my two sisters and I went through with our mother in a detailed presentation and discussion.

Reducing Poverty
37 million Americans live below the poverty level. I belong to a non-profit, volunteer organization called Pennies for Poverty, 2 Cents 4 Change. We try to increase awareness of poverty and to raise donations to give to those in need.

Visioning – How to Get Where You Want to Go
To watch a detailed presentation on how to establish your own personal vision, values, and goals, please click here.

Diabetes Lessons Learned
Please click here to see Fran talk about his personal journey with Type 2 Diabetes, background on the disease, and what we all can do as a nation.

I am available to speak and give presentations to groups, organizations, clubs or individuals on each of these subjects. Please contact me below:

Office: 978-358-7860
Cell: 203-942-5556
Email: franlarkin@comcast.net